Empowering Healthcare Innovations: Octosoft Unveils Octodoc with a Thrilling Internal Campaign

At Octosoft, our commitment to fostering a vibrant, engaged staff community and cultivating brand evangelists within our ranks is unwavering. To this end, we recently launched an exhilarating internal campaign to promote our premier healthcare app, Octodoc, through an initiative we called the ‘Refer-and-Win’ promo. The Campaign: ‘Refer-and-Win’ Designed to leverage the trusted power of […]

What Is Health Tech?

Connect with your care providers via telemedicine, with video calls, voice calls, etc. Access exclusive health insurance and credit products to help manage the cost of care, and much more.

Octosoft Technologies

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Sickle Cell Disease; Facts and Myths

People believe different things about this disease, causing them to either not care enough for children with the disease or do unhealthy things to these children; here are some myths and facts about this condition.