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Octosoft is developing a fully integrated healthcare platform. We leverage cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to power software solutions transforming the delivery of care, by augmenting the capabilities of health workers, enabling clinicians and staff to focus on higher value work, increasing efficiency, reducing waste, aiding better decisions and improving outcomes.


OctoDoc is our all-in-one mobile marketplace for everything related to health and wellness. Book appointment with your preferred healthcare provider for telehealth or in-person care

Explore more options and connect with experienced medical professionals from reputable healthcare providers. Book for lab tests and health check-up. Order over-the-counter (OTC) medication and repeat prescriptions easily from your phone.

With OctoDoc, you are in control of your healthcare experience.


OctoCare is our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Health Information System (HIS) for healthcare providers.

It enables health providers to manage patient health records and efficiently run their practice seamlessly.

OctoCare features over 20 modules including Appointment Booking, Telemedicine, CRM, Employee Management, EMR, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Billing Inventory, and more.


OctoHive helps businesses and corporations to manage all their staff health benefits and renewals in one place.


OctoHealth is an innovative, full-featured, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs). It is a comprehensive and user friendly software that automates all HMO processes including Claims, Underwriting, Authorization Pharmacy Benefits and more.

It supports International Standards classifications including ICD-10 and CPT codes. And offers a Members portal and HR portal.

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